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by Mary Stahl on Algodones Dental Care
Very Good Dentist

This dentist did work for me and my crown came out just fine. I drive from Mesa and it is worth the drive because of the difference in cost is unreal.

by Bruce Goodsir on Algodones Dental Care

I had my dental work done by Dr Brown in January 2018. It included two root canals, three crowns and about five fillings. All the work was professionally done and a year later I have no problems with any of it. Such good work at such a reasonable price is well worth the trip.

Best Dentist Ever

I have been coming to see Dr. Brown for the past four years. I live in the Seattle, Wa. area and was recommended by a close friend to go here. I have never been happier then with the dental care Dr. Brown has provided me. He is very up front in telling me what I needed and what the cost would be. His entire office staff immediately make you feel welcome, and because he grew up in a dental office (his mother is a Dentist), and is young enough to have learned the latest technology in treatment, you can be confident you are getting the best dental care. I'm sorry this is such a long review, but I can't say enough good things about Dr Brown and His staff.

by Terry M. Moore on Algodones Dental Care
I love my dentist

I love my Dentist, Dr.Bryan Brown, not in a carnal way of course.Dr. Bryan Brown in Los Algodones, Mexico is without a doubt the best and anyone who disagrees is walking on the Fightin' side of me.I have 32 teeth. 16 root canals and 25 crowns. Most of the old gold crowns have been replaced with new white crowns, I have one dental implant. One could say I have been in a dental chair often and would know a good Dentist from a bad one. I wish Dr. Brown could have been on this earth 66 years ago when my dental procedures began.Dr. Brown recently repaired two of my Upper Front Teeth. One upper front tooth was cracked with the back broken off. The other upper front tooth needed to have the gold-rimmed crown replaced.I did not feel the needle puncturing the front gum or rear roof gum line. (That tough, horny supporting structure of the mouth roof [buccal cavity]). As the novocaine was perfectly injected, my vibrating spinal cord began relaxing. And, it only gets better.My gums did not even bleed upon the completion of this double upper front tooth renewal procedure.I asked Dr. Brown; "any special medical/dental precautions after this twin upper front tooth renewal"? Dr. Brown smiling and gently shaking his head, No. We both understood.The dental procedure was completed perfectly. I drove to the nearby Casino and blessed myself with a Tanqueray Gin Martini 'up'.Sincerely,Terry M. Moore, Sr. ATP, CIFIPS. Did I mention I love my dentist?

by William Lugthart on Algodones Dental Care

After doing our homework and reading many reviews, my wife and I decided to have my dental work done by Dr. Brown. This was the best decision ever.He is excellent, innovative, extremely precise and patient and will not stop until everything is perfect.Dr. Brown is a gentleman and will put your mind at ease at all times.Also a thank you to the courteous staff, from communications with Daniella, to the ever-smiling and super-friendly Javier to the patient dental assistant Gaby. You are all wonderful.

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