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by Jerry Van Der Veen on Algodones Dental Care
So Happy!!!!!!

As I came to Algodones for dental work, I wasn't really sure what to expect. After 4 days and a mouth full of new teeth, I can only sing his praises! Dr Brown was amazing! Very professional and yet very personable. My wife and I left Algodones feeling as though we had just made a new friend. I am pleased with the results of a full mouth restoration. His co-workers did all they could do for us to make this visit a happy memorable occasion. Thank you Daniela and thanks also to you also Javier. We highly recommend Las Algodones Dental Clinic for all dentistry needs. Thank you most of all Dr Brown!!!!

by Jefferson Brooks on Algodones Dental Care
Thank you!!!!

I have been coming to Algodones for the past 9 years for dental treatments. I have always received what I thought was very good care, that is until I chanced upon Dr. Brown. Professional, exacting, and in a world of good, he is exceptional! Door-to-door service afforded by his able assistant Xavier, (he will meet you at the crossing and walk you to the office)! They accept most insurers from the states, perform a ton of procedures and do so quickly. He will accept a visa or debit card so you don't have to feel weird carrying a wad of cash over the border and they both speak excellent English. What's not to like?? Oh and did I mention 300% less than quotes from so called "professionals" in the US.I liken it to this comparison: Sure, you can drive a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge- Why not enjoy a Cadillac?Dr. Brown is strictly 'Cadillac'...

by Mary Seiferheld on Algodones Dental Care
Amazing grace Dr Brown

My name is Mary , I have to say finding Dr Brown was a God send ! I have had dental issues since the age of 15,I have been thru about ten dentist surgeons and lost my faith,that I would have horrible teeth for the rest of my life ,in fact it brought me so far down as depression,led me to start drinking and down a dark road.In July 2016 someone recommended Dr Bryan Brown on July 27 and I flew immediately to his office straight across the country in an instant. Three days later I was half way on my way to beautiful teeth in his moderate office ,but prices were moderate also ,February 22 I have beautiful teeth at 53 with minor issues that have to be adjusted ,but I don't drink,I'm not depressed and feel fabulous ,with one visit to go I'm blesses,and I'm so grateful, to Dr Brown,I m told almost daily I have beautiful teeth ,also Javier(reception) is a gem!,, thank you guys .........blessed , faith restored,Mary - New Jersey USA

by Lori Kraska on Algodones Dental Care

My husband and I are so glad we found Dr. Bryan Brown! We both feel that we received excellent care. My husband needed three teeth pulled, implants, and one crown, and I needed one tooth pulled and an implant. From start to finish, Dr. Brown kept us informed on everything he was doing. We have never felt so comfortable in a dental office! We were very impressed with the technology he used as the dentist we had seen in the states did not have the state of the art technology that Dr. Brown has. The day of our procedures, he worked on my husband through lunch and didn't finish working on my husband until 6:00, never rushing and making sure each procedure was done perfectly. Dr. Brown, his dental assistant, and his Office Manager Javier are to be commended on how well they treated us. We had such a great experience, that we actually are looking forward to going back and getting our permanent crowns on our implants. We highly recommend Algodones Dental Care.

by Alexander A. on Algodones Dental Care
Great Dentist

Dr Brown is by far the best dentist i have been to.He was very patient and explained everything and answer my questions for hours.I appreciate the warmth and amazing dental care i received. Nothing hurt and i am happy with my teeth.thank you Dr.Brown!

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