FAQ Algodones Dental Care | frequently asked questions
Do you do treatments on the same day for example dental crowns and partials dentures ?

Yes, we have the service of dental partial crowns and dentures on the same day at no extra cost as long as your appointment is scheduled with anticipation before 9:00 am

Do you accept credit and debit cards ?

Yes we accept VISA and MASTERCARD as well we take personal checks and traveler's checks and cash

Do you offer shuttle service?

Yes, we pick you up at your hotel and take you back to the HOTEL- OFFICE -HOTEL

Do you offer hosting service?

Yes, you can make your reservation when you know how long your treatment will last for treatments with a higher value to $ 2,500 we offer a free night stay at the hotel.

Do your treatments have any guarantee?

Yes, it depends on the treatments it could vary in 2 years, 5 years and a lifetime

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